Well then…

I find it oddly refreshing that my “first post” is the pre-written one from WP, because that sorta sums up just how much I’ve used this blog since starting it.  I’ve really wanted to do something with this, especially to post writings, thoughts, and maybe some original fic, but here I am, several months later with nothing up and no real thought as to what to do.  I usually think of posts very late at night, often around 3 or 4 in the morning, when I never have anything to write with and I’m too exhausted to really do much except think on it.

I really wish I could be a more prolific writer, not just in blog posts, but also in all of my writing.  I just feel so…. empty but overfull at the same time.  It’s just like when I was back at AMDA and I never wrote anything.  There’s just so much stress I feel every day, and I don’t know how to channel that into productivity as opposed to just more stress.

Who knows, maybe one day this will get a real update.  For now, I guess this is it.  Time to watch MST3K to put off more things I should be doing.

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Writer, Reader, Critic, Bear.
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