A+ Notes

These are the notes I took for an assignment in my Intro to Outlook class.  They speak so much about me, I feel.

Instructions:  Research the various Email message formats (Lesson 1 on page 31 has a small section on this but you will want to expand your research to the Internet as well) and compare and contrast them. Submit the assignment as a word file format attachment

Plain text:  fucking bullshit.  Can’t do a damn thing with it.  Just fuckin’ text.  Gets through anti-virus blocks easier.  Loads fast.

Good for getting things out and there.  Like, you wanna make sure this shit opens for realsies and opens hella fast?  Gotta go with the old school plain text.  But you can’t do jack with it, so use it with HTML as like a last attempt.

HTML:  what everyone fucking uses.  Can do text formatting.  It’s the standard.  Why the fuck not, bro?  Takes pictures, text, and hyperlinks.  Don’t let that rich text shit tell you it can’t.

Sends shit across the fucking Internet.  Y’know, the thing everyone fucking uses?  Can handle all fucking kinds of images and shit, including gifs.  It uses a link to where image is stored, but keeps file sizes hella smol.  Literally the best shit to use. This shit’s hella versatile.

Rich Text:  the douchebag of the message formatting world.  Some bullshit Microsoft pulled out of its ass to be all ~~different~~ and shit.  Fucking waste.  Works with only new versions of their shitty Exchange shit and Outlook.  What a fucking tool.

This motherfucker on the other hand can’t do jack.  Originally started as a fucking file format until it got replaced by doc and shit, it got canned and turned into the crap it is now.  Can’t load gifs, audio, or video, but has the fucking audacity to think it’s better because it embeds the image right in the file.  Nah, man, all it does is bump up the file size and fuck everyone over.  It stores typed documents and fuck all else.

This is the sign of a Grade-A paper, my friends.

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  1. Wow, you kind of left me in the dust on this one… Feeling pretty old now.


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