Status Update

Yesterday was not a particularly good day for the little Bat-Bear who lives here.  Between lingering pain all day and an unmanageable level of fatigue, none of my plans actually went anywhere.

But!  On these days, I feel like it is a good idea for me to write down the things that did go right and the things I want to get done today.  So!  Let us begin.

The Good:

  • I began reading a new book to be reviewed here hopefully no later than the start of next week
  • Even if I wasn’t productive on what I wanted to do, I was still actively doing something
  • I changed gears and began working on my second NaNo project (yes, a 50,000 word fanfic) to keep from burning out
  • I did some measure of study for one of today’s tests
  • I discovered that my fanfic is set in an era that’s going to be much easier to research than I had initially thought
  • I am maintaining and striving to maintain an active Twitter and blog presence

The Goals:

  • Finish up the two running scenes in my fanfic to at least yesterday’s goal if not today’s
  • To not feel guilty if showering takes all of the spoons I have for the day, and just try to work harder tomorrow
  • Start again on Beast of Yucca Flats, even if that’s just getting down the narration for the next two scenes

There is another thing I wanted to add to my goals, but I think I’d better not until I see how this week goes.  If I am, in fact, able to keep up with both NaNo and my daily blogging AND homework and life things, then I will add that to next week’s status report.

Even if I only get one of those things done (or even none of them, but do accomplish something else), then I will remind myself that it is not a day wasted.  I’m enduring, and that’s what counts.

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2 Responses to Status Update

  1. Stacie says:

    Nothing wrong with baby steps. Just keep walking.

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  2. Ah the lists. They move me forward and crush me. Each day I begin with one, sometimes I even make one the night before. I live, but refuse to die by the LIST.

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