State of the Fleet–September 2016

August was a bad month, but the last two days of it have been better and now things are going much better (well done, things!).  This is probably going to be a busy week, BUT it feels like good busy for once.

Goals for September:

  • Short stories!  Specifically, 25 fanfics, 500 words each.  I’m gonna do it.
  • Reviews!  God I have so many waiting (even hand written, like gdi) but, what, two up?  That’s gotta get fixed.
  • Read!  Because fuck damn, I have so many books.
  • Sell shit!  I now have stuff up on eBay and will be adding more throughout the month, so if you need toys, books, and other miscellaneous things, boy howdy, I’ll have them.

I have a few bigger projects coming up (or currently happening), but I’m not focusing on them for now. My main goal this month is short stories and lots of them (with a break for birthweek, obvs).

Oh yes, and,


*noise maker noises*

My birthday is this month!  What a good!  So, y’all will probably hear me talking about that and probably next week I’ll make a page for my current Amazon wish lists, for those of y’all who wish to shower me with gifts and affection.

That’s all for now.  Stay cool, bro.

About Fleet Sparrow

Writer, Reader, Critic, Bear.
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