Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack: Now With 30% Less Time Warp and More Naked Rocky

I have been waiting YEARS for the complete Rocky Horror movie soundtrack.  Unfortunately, I was stuck with the only version that included two extra renditions of Time Warp without including a single recording of Sword of Damocles (and that IS a crime).  Finally, however, my queer prayers have been answered!

Behold!  The Complete Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack!

As if they knew, two versions of SoD (heh) are included: a studio version and the (infinitely superior, imo) movie version.  Also on here is Brad’s cut song, Once In A While, which is pretty damn great and definitely something I’m gonna be singing (and maybe recording?) in the near future.

If you’re a huge Rocky Horror fan like me, you owe it to yourself to get this complete album.  And if you use the link above, you’ll also help me out a lot and maybe I’ll record you a song (or a terrible rendition of Time Warp, the options are endless).

Have a very queer day!

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