Oh Shit! It’s Another Yale Sale!

ain’t no damn yard sard

I got so much shit to sell, son.  Y’all better buy some.

Everything I’ve got is under the cut.  Some pictures linked, some included.  Prices do not include shipping (determined by location/shipping speed).

Categories are:  Books & Sundry, Comics, DVDs, Toys, Misc.


  • Bullfight by Yasushi Inoue (Pushkin Press edition)…..$15
  • No Fear Shakespeare:  Henry V…..$5
  • The Importance of Being Earnest & Other Plays by Oscar Wilde…..$8
  • The Book of You by Claire Kendal…..$10
  • The Cleaner by Paul Cleave…..$10 (I really don’t want this one)
  • Bloody Spring: 40 Days that Sealed the Confederacy’s Fate by Joseph Wheelan (Civil War Nonfiction)…..$20
  • The Civil War:  The Seven-Day Scholar, History Channel by Dennis and Peter Gaffney (Nonfiction)…..$20
  • Positive by David Wellington…..$15
  • Liberators by James Wesley Rawles…..$12


& Sundry

  • Once Upon a Bookcase:  Catcher in the Rye…..$20



Comic Bento Animal Planet….$20 for all

  • Xoc:  Journey of a Great White…..$8
  • Homecoming Vol. 1…..$5
  • Jurassic Strike Force 5 Vol. 1…..$5
  • Sam & Fuzzy Fix Your Problem (Blind Ferret Edition)…..$8


  • Transformers (2-Disc Special Edition)…..$5
  • 3:10 to Yuma (2 British dudes pretending to be American edition)…..$5
  • Knockaround Guys ( 5 dudes nobody cares about edition)…..$5
  • Saw IV (4 times too many edition)…..$5
  • The Island (2 bland 2 Bay edition)…..$5



  • BtVS Mystery Mini (Buffy w/Stake)…..$2
  • Deathstroke (NTT Judas Contract)…..$40
  • Fallout Medic Funko Pop (Hot Topic Mystery Pop)…..$15
  • Ant-Man (Marvel Pixelated Hero)…..$2
  • Fake Lego Spider-Man (Fake Lego iBlock Fun)…..$3
  • CardCaptor Sakura Mini Figures (Sakura A & Sakura B)…..$4




  • Joker (Killing Joke)…..$6 ($15/all 3)
  • Joker (with Bang gun)…..$5
  • Joker (ripped)…..$5
  • Joker Goon…..$3
  • Dr. Light (the gross one)…..$5
  • Eddie Carlin (2003 Limited Edition) (Eddie Berganza/Mike Carlin figure)…..$6

Pictures on demand (just fucking google them; I don’t need Joker pics in here)


  • Phone Beds!…..$6 ($15/all 3)

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