Review: All the Missing Girls

All the Missing Girls
by Megan Miranda

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Another Damn Missing Women Story

I started out enjoying this book while I was reading it on my library shift. The characters, while not the most fleshed out, had my attention, as did the story. Where that attention started to wane, dear reader, was when I realized the entire story was going to be told backwards.

I’m a mystery reader. It’s my go-to genre, which means I’ve seen most of the tricks done before, usually better. A couple of chapters in reverse are fine. Putting almost the entire book in reverse is not. It just feels like you turned in the chapters wrong. It also means reveals aren’t as shocking because we know what they’re going to be.

Sadly, I was unimpressed with the reveals and the ending felt like a cop-out.  Maybe it’s just not for me; most of the domestic type thrillers aren’t.  I found myself skimming between chapters, putting most of the clues together before the final chapter.  But who knows, you might enjoy that.

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