Books I Won’t Be Finishing: Dark in Death

I’m going to start a new series here of books I don’t finish. Some of these could be because I didn’t like the writing style or found the book too boring, too bogged down with insignificant details.

And then there are books like Dark in Death.

On the face of it, this is right up my alley. Someone is going around killing people based on a book series. Sure, great, that’s why I picked it up. If you, like me, knew nothing of the In Death series, you may be surprised to know this all takes place in the not too distant future. La la la

Unfortunately, it’s 10 minutes past the future and cops are still using the t slur to talk about possible trans people. So, we’re no longer calling movies movies, but vids, we don’t have phones, we have ‘links, but we’re still using t****y in casual conversation. No, this isn’t called out, yes, it’s used twice in as many pages.

And that’s why I’m not finishing this book.

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