Reviews: 2/26-2/28

The French Girl
by Lexie Elliott

You go to France for one week and end up being haunted by a dead girl ten years later. What a boner, man.

That’s basically the plot of the book right there, although there’s more investigating and A LOT more relationship building and destroying in between. Overall it was a solid mystery and while it may have had a realistic happy ending, it was not a closure filled one, which is a little :/ if you know what I mean. Still, it was a decent mystery with a decent ending and that’s as good as I’m gonna get.

How Did It Begin?
by R. Brasch

I read the original 1965 copy of this book, which was fascinating as it had things like “we can guess the moon is a brown-darkish color” like omg we hadn’t even been on the moon yet!!! Sorry, these things make my little history nerd heart happy.

It’s a book about different customs, sayings, and phrases and their possible origins. There are often several the book will tell you and let you decide which one you like the story for. It was a very interesting book and I’d love to get my hands on a newer copy to see what’s been updated and added.

Ten Dead Comedians
by Fred Van Lente

Don’t even read this review, just drop what you’re doing and read this. Go to your library, go to Amazon, just get this damn book. It’s hands down the funniest murder mystery I’ve ever read.

The plot is literally And Then There Were None, but with more graphic deaths and more comedians. It ends as all good comedies do, with a laugh. It’s got comedians of all kinds: stand-ups, TV hosts, prop comics, insult comics, a Larry the Cable Guy expy, you name it. It’s actually really fun to try and figure out who the characters are a mix of.

The mystery is solid and well written. It honestly keeps you guessing the entire time until the reveal. And what a reveal it is. Seriously, though, I cannot recommend this book enough and if — WHEN — any of you read it, please come talk to me so I can gush with you.

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