Reviews: 10/15-11/1

The House With Chicken Legs
Sophie Anderson

This was a really cute book about the granddaughter of a Baba Yaga. She doesn’t want to be a Yaga, even though it’s her destiny. So when her Baba goes through the veil, it’s up to her to save her, however she can. It’s really great about the boundaries between life and death, and the relationship between the granddaughter and the house. I definitely recommend it if you like Baba Yaga myths.

Guess Who
Chris McGeorge

This was a good crime thriller, even though you couldn’t figure out who the ultimate villain was because he wasn’t introduced until late in the book. Still, the mystery was intriguing and the main characters was like a train wreck you couldn’t look away from. I’d still recommend it, if only so people will talk about it with me.

Pedro Paramo
Juan Rulfo

This was a very interesting book, full of ghosts and kind of stream of consciousness writing. We follow a young man searching for his father as he travels to a literal ghost town. His father, it turns out, is dead, but so is everyone else he meets. It’s a very short book, but definitely one I’d recommend.

Mythology: The DC Comics Art by Alex Ross
Alex Ross

This was an artbook showcasing Alex Ross’ work on DC superheroes, with a major focus on how his work began and Kingdom Come. I won’t lie, I didn’t much read it so much as look at the art, because that’s what I was really there for.

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