Reviews: December 31, 2019

It’s the end of the decade, I’m just gonna bullet-point this.

Five Midnights by Ann Davila Cardinal

  • Good book
  • I liked the supernatural stuff here
  • Definitely had nightmares about El Cucuy

The Shallows by Matt Goldman

  • Again, great sequel
  • Really enjoyed this one
  • IIRC, nobody I liked died

Strange Planet by Nathan Pyle

  • Best comic ever
  • Immensely quotable

Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac

  • Scary af
  • Middle grade is my jam

The Return of Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac

  • Good scary

Night Wings by Joseph Bruchac

  • Beautiful tales
  • Love this guy

Little Tales of Misogyny by Patricia Highsmith

  • Odd collection
  • Very tongue-in-cheek
  • Inspirational

The Third QI Book of General Ignorance by Various

  • I just love trivia
  • So interesting

Tomorrow I’ll do a year in review, but for now, I’m heading to bed.

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