Help Zina H make it to grad school!

Please help my friend if you can. They’re an absolute treasure and very dear friend. I’ve reblogged several of their posts already because they’re always so on point, so if you have some to spare, please help out!

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Help me make it to grad school!

I’ve wanted to go to grad school since the moment that I graduated from FIU (Florida International University) in 2012. Unfortunately, life didn’t go as planned and I spent the next few years trying to make things work for me in the workforce.

In September, I decided to apply at my alma mater for grad school. I didn’t go with the history department again I decided to go with the English department for an MA in Literature because much of what I’ve been doing in my spare time has revolved around media analysis and looking at things like race and gender.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in the way I had planned. Instead of being admitted immediately, I was at first told that I would have to defer my enrollment to the Fall 2016 semester while I took two classes (which would’ve come up…

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