[Signal Boost] New Beginning for Homeless Mom

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Signal Boost - E A DevineNote from the Stitch: I’m signal boosting this fundraiser for E.A. Devine, one of my  wonderful Twittah followers who is trying her best to get her mother in a good position after tragedy and loss have rocked her world. Let’s get 2016 started right by helping her help her mother get on the right track!

Information from E.A. Devine’s GoFundMe:

Mother’s Day, 2004: mom had a head on collision, shattered her pelvis and foot, and doctors put her back together with titanium pins, plates, and screws.

When she was able to walk, she continued to work two jobs at a time with her partner to support their two children.  She was in severe pain most nights.

2014: Dad, her partner of 22 years was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer.

He chose to continue working while going through chemotherapy and radiation.  When he was unable to work anymore, mom…

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