Hello, yes, I’m alive, it’s amazing.

Just wanted to do a quick update on what I’ve been doing and what I’m going to be doing in the not too distant future somewhere in time and space.


  • Fandom for Mental Health fic
  • Set up a calendar of due dates
  • Have really heavy déjà vu while writing this
  • Won Camp NaNo (5,000 words for April)
  • Wrote very first Rex/Andrew fic, yay!


  • 1,500 word Helena Bertinelli fic
  • Commission 2 for St00pz (from 12,000 years ago)
  • Editing written fics
  • Unconventional Courtship TigerDick fic
  • Unconventional Courtship Helena/Dick fic (gonna be long I feel)
  • DCBB, possibly Lena Luthor ???
  • BDSM BB, probably secret Bruce/Dick fic (or H/D maybe)
  • Trope Bingo, holy shit, I always forget this!!!


  • Finish up the three drafts saved here
  • Write original fic for submission somewhere
  • Get job????

I was going to try to do something for the POC Destroy Horror/Fantasy, something maybe to do with the disconnect from the culture of birthright, but I think now’s not the time.  I’ve a lot of things to be writing and reading.

After the big fic challenges are done, I’m going to be diving into starting a novel about WWII RAF pilots in love and their experiences through the war and being together (in a lowkey better history, but with plenty of sound historical facts).  I may post snippets of it as I go (or just end up writing offshoots for Foyle’s War fandom).  I’m very excited to start a project like this, as I haven’t worked on anything novel-like in years.

That about covers it for now.

BTW, I’m always open to do proofing and/or editing work, fanfic commissions, and character advice (in general, or specifically asexual, autistic, queer).  Plus, I make really excellent Perler Bead creations, so if that’s something you like *finger pistols*  Message me for rates.

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