Weekly? Update

Quick progress update (I need to figure out how to cross-post to DW and LJ, help me computer friends!).

This starts (roughly) the second week (more or less) of my attempt at Story A Day In May!  And so far things have been very good.  I’ve written some sort of complete story for 10 days straight.  Some have been short (two words), some have been fucking ridiculous (2,087 words of not even fully finished fic but fuck you that’s what notes are for).  It’s been scary (I actually whited-out a whole story because too close to home rn) and been fun (that giant fucking fic omg I actually love it).  But most of all, it’s been a challenge I’ve been able to meet and accomplish every day.  I haven’t had a consistent output since school so this is very exciting.


  • Fandom For Mental Health banner
  • Been reading a lot more, holy shit it’s been amazing
  • Fucked up my life by buying endless books and toys to make me happy

OK, when put like that, it’s not great, but still….


  • WIPBB Bruce/Dick
  • UC TigerDick
  • UC Helena/Dick
  • DCBB because I’m a fucking moron (but I’m soloing so less pressure tbh)

Still on plan for fics, but now I’ve got the first pressure off me (and another b/c one of the BB I was doing has to reschedule due to life, so yay!)  I’m really hoping to have something for POC Destroy Horror, but I’m not gonna break myself to do it since it ends in 5 days (or the solarpunk story I’d started yonks ago).  I might have something for POCD Fantasy, but I haven’t written fantasy in so long, that’s probably not gonna happen.  But who knows?

That’s me up through June, but I’ll try to update here more often with fun things.

In other news, I’ll probably start using here and DW for book reviews/commentary/live reads because I’ve got a lot I want to read and finally the drive to do it again.


  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, because I’m a slut for British mystery homoeroticism
  • The Invisible Library, an ARC from Penguin Random House
  • The Mysterious Mr. Quin

So far I’ve only read the author’s note for Tinker, but I’ve started Library and the first chapter was very fun.  Hopefully that will keep up in the rest of it.  As for Mr. Quin, I’m just working my way through his short stories because I have such a boner for possibly-fae, homoerotic mystery men who appear only when they’re needed.

More on those to come as I continue.

I’ll probably do some of my live-reading on twitter because it’s the only social media I go on nowadays, so hit me up there for snarky commentary and bullshit ideas.  I’ll try to compile them all at some point after to write a more solid review.

That’s it for right now.  I’m rewatching Foyle’s War because I hate myself for this pain but love seeing people get dragged, so I’m basically rewatching the same episodes until I can will myself to move to the next season (S2 is when my tragic gay dies and there’s no fix-it fic and I’M NOT CRYING WE’RE ALL CRYING)

BTW, I’m always looking for new recs, books, TV, movies, games….  Hit me up if there’s anything you’ve read/seen that you’re like DAMN GET ON THIS b/c I probably will.

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