The Read Harder Challenge

After reading over 200 books and stories last year (why, I’ll never know), I’ve decided to cut it back this year, with a goal of only 50.  Even if I read over that number (which I very likely will as my current reread of Yu-Gi-Oh! will about finish it), I’m not changing my goal.  This will be me seeing how much I like reading for enjoyment, not because I feel obligated to.

That said, I just came across Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge.

I’ve always been interested in doing book challenges throughout a year (much in the same way I’m interested in joining a book club or doing live NaNo nights; it sounds fun, but I have no means or true opportunity to do them), so imagine my delight at finding one that actually covers books I’m genuinely likely to read.

Below the cut is the list, for reference.  I’ll likely update it with what book I’m reading as I go on, and make a final post with everything once the list is done.

Come join along with me!  We can be our own little book club.

  • Read a book about sports.
  • Read a debut novel.
    • Everything I Never Told You
  • Read a book about books.
    • How Not to Write a Novel
  • Read a book set in Central or South America, written by a Central or South American author.
  • Read a book by an immigrant or with a central immigration narrative.
  • Read an all-ages comic.
    • Over the Garden Wall Vol. 1; Super Powers (DC, ongoing)  
  • Read a book published between 1900 and 1950.
  • Read a travel memoir.
  • Read a book you’ve read before.
    • How Not to write a Novel
  • Read a book that is set within 100 miles of your location.
  • Read a book that is set more than 5000 miles from your location.
    • Waking Lions
  • Read a fantasy novel.
  • Read a nonfiction book about technology.
  • Read a book about war.
  • Read a YA or middle grade novel by an author who identifies as LGBTQ+.
  • Read a book that has been banned or frequently challenged in your country.
  • Read a classic by an author of color.
  • Read a superhero comic with a female lead.
  • Read a book in which a character of color goes on a spiritual journey
  • Read an LGBTQ+ romance novel
  • Read a book published by a micropress.
  • Read a collection of stories by a woman.
  • Read a collection of poetry in translation on a theme other than love.
  • Read a book wherein all point-of-view characters are people of color.

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