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I’ve been borrowing a ridiculous amount of books from the library considering how many books I have and continue to get at home.  But!, I am nothing if not horribly unrealistic about my reading speed, so let’s do this.

Library Books

Seed by Ania Ahlborn

  • Loved it
  • Good old-fashioned demon story
  • Things go VERY BAD VERY FAST but honestly, it’s perfect and super tragic and fucked up
  • Demons don’t fuck around, y’all

Final thoughts

  • Definitely checking out her other books


The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton

  • Super cute
  • My precious warrior child
  • Diverse bodies and warriors, double A+

Final thoughts

  • Adorable, do recommend


Crazy Is My Superpower by AJ Mendez Brooks

  • Never heard of her before, but incredibly interesting
  • Very easy read, like a conversation
  • omg fellow bipolar pal, what a good
  • Sometimes heavy, but always with an undercurrent of humor

Final thoughts

  • Learned so much about wrestling, well done
  • Very worthwhile read


Snowblind by Christopher Golden

  • Loved Ararat, so checked this out
  • A little disappointed
  • Cool premise, but kinda saw twists coming
  • Ice demons and ghost possession, A+

Final thoughts

  • ngl, I skimmed the end
  • Enjoyable if you’re not me extreme genre-savvy


The Dinner by Herman Koch

  • Super fucked up
  • Kinda Pretty racist, guess who dies
  • Psychologically interesting watching people justify themselves

Final thoughts

  • Why do men have deep thoughts when peeing?
  • Nobody should be that fascinated by their penis, c’mon
  • Have others of his books, but wouldn’t reread this


The Party by Robyn Harding

  • Tried so much to be a different type of novel
  • P good at showing rich people’s lives/justifications/faux problems
  • Ending kinda fell flat

Final thoughts

  • Not particularly moved to check out her other books
  • Needed more murder or comeuppance


Own Books

The Boy in the Earth by Fuminori Nakamura

  • Psychological mysterious thought-wandering
  • That’s not a criticism
  • I genuinely liked the book
  • Slow-paced, which helped follow the flow
  • Way more satisfying than White psych-novels

Final thoughts

  • Very glad to own this, will definitely reread


One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

  • It’s Cruel Is The Night but with teenagers and less death
  • Great twisty mystery with solid characters
  • My baby queer child
  • Everybody grows so much and they’re all good people
  • Fantastic dénouement

Final thoughts

  • omg so good, everybody read it and gush with me


Approaching Ice; Interpretive Work; Once Removed by Elizabeth Bradfield

  • Three solid collections of poetry
  • Nature-filled and super queer
  • Approaching Ice is historical about the Arctic expeditions
  • Romance and living together and relationships and nature and ugh

Final thoughts

  • Poetry I genuinely like, well done, A+


The Sybil by Pär Lagerkvist

  • Philosophical novel about god/God
  • Like a fucking religious experience oh my god
  • This is the cover of the book I have, jesus fuck
  • I mean, look at that, omg
  • Fucking staring into your soul, jfc

Final thoughts

  • Read it in one sitting from about 10-1 in the morning and lose your gd mind


Current Library Books

I have, checked out for me:

  • Ring by Koji Suzuki– Working way through, on first renewal
  • Ophelia by Lisa Klein–Retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia’s POV
  • Summer House With Swimming Pool by Herman Koch–Likely similar to The Dinner
  • Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin–New ghost story that my body is so ready for
  • Goodnight, Sweet Prince by David Dickinson–First in a series of Victoriana mysteries
  • The Grim Sleeper by Christine Pelisek–True crime about LA serial killer
  • Rag Doll by Daniel Cole–Murder mystery I found legit two days after I thought of the plot

After this, I really need to start reading the books I own, especially since I have Magpie Murders to read.

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