What Love?

You can claim love, but you weren’t loving me when you went to the polls

You say Jesus has taught you love, but you didn’t love God’s people when you stepped into that booth

You tell me I should love when you backed the candidate supported by the kkk and who’s appointing Nazis by the day

You didn’t love me

You didn’t even think about me

You voted for the man who says my people are rapists

For the man who says we’re drug runners

For the man with the audacity to say we’ve gotta pay for a wall to keep us from our own homes

You voted for the conquerors who took our land from under us and then have the gall to say we don’t belong here

The soil that you stand on is my people’s

The ground that you farm is my right

You want to flush us out like desert rats when we built your cities with bricks from our ovens and taught you how to get water from a cactus

You’re worried about illegal immigrants but who changed our country’s borders with our blood?

“Go back to Mexico”?  Bitch, we ain’t never left

But you buy your brand new model home and sneer at us in the homes our great-grandparents were born in

You didn’t love me

You didn’t love my family

You didn’t love the man you made a home with

Or did our color trick you into thinking we’re your White?

Did our loss of our native tongue to centuries of assimilation fool you?

Did you look at our lost traditions, forcefully beaten from us, and think they’d be pretty to wear on Halloween?

Where is your love?

Because I’m not seeing it

About Fleet Sparrow

Writer, Reader, Critic, Bear.
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