Space Ghost, Impopsters, and Batman, oh my!

ngl, friends, you’re gonna see a few of these posts go up about every week.  You see, being a broke blogger means I’ve gotta make some kind of cash somewhere, so when I saw the offer to be an affiliate for Entertainment Earth (my life), I jumped at it.

BUT!!!  lbr, I also have the best taste in all things toy, so this is a giant win/win for everyone.

If there’s a collectable you want, hit me up and I’ll get you my affiliate link.  Doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it’ll kick some commission cash over to me (and you love me, y/y??).

All that out of the way,


First, the newly added Space Ghost.

I’m ngl, I made some noises about this one (because Hanna-Barbera owns my childhood).

Space Ghost Pop! Vinyl Figure

My second favorite thing about him is that, to get the slanted lens, he now just looks 78% done.

Next!  The Impopsters.

As soon as these went up my heart just about died.  Like, Arkham Rogues are my shit, as y’all know, and now all in Bat costumes all I can think of is some sort of villain costume party where everyone ended up as the same characters.  “What?  You’re Batman too????”

(Also, lbr, this’ll be the closest most of us get to owning a Two-Face Pop since they were discontinued twelve yonks ago.)

Batman Impopster Riddler Pop! Vinyl Figure Batman Impopster Two-Face Pop! Vinyl Figure Batman Impopster Penguin Pop! Vinyl Figure
Batman Impopster Scarecrow Pop! Vinyl Figure Batman Impopster Batgirl Poison Ivy Pop! Vinyl Figure Batman Impopster Batgirl Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl Figure Batman Impopster Batman Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl Figure


I won’t lie, I don’t really see the point for two Harley Pops probably because I’m so fucking Harley’d out but they both look legit, so I’ll let it pass.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine (b/c I have impulse problems and OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!), but I think they’re ones you’ll want to pre-order because I see a mad rush coming for them once they’re out.

EE Exclusive ’50s Batman.

Batman 1950s Comic Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figure - EE Exclusive

I’ve got this little guy, and he’s so frickin’ adorable.  His eyebrows, I can’t.

(Tip:  I’m always on the lookout for Not Mint deals, b/c all it means is a box has been scrunched or open but the figure is fine.  They’ll knock a couple bucks off for it, so I highly recommend buying that way (how I got mine, in fact).  I can get you links for those, too, so hmu.)

This next one is just for fun because omg it’s Muppetcrow!!

Batman The Animated Series Scarecrow Bust

Be still, my weird little heart.

There are tons of these busts.

The Animated Series:

The ’66 show

Even…. MillerBats.

All kinds.

(The busts are pricey, but better than at cons???)

Anyhow, wow, this was a ton of work, but the tl;dr:

Let me know what you wanna buy and I’ll supply you with linkage. (Also upcoming Tokyo Otaku Mode affiliate links, so for all y’all plushie fans and weeabo trash, I got you.)

Thanks so much in advance and love y’all!


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