Hello friends!!

I’m cleaning out my room, and my millions* of stuffed animals and goodies need homes!  (and I need money)

Some of these have set prices, some can be done in grab bags, and some y’all can just throw at me a price and we’ll work from there.  Shipping will depend on location and size, but I’ll mostly use the designated USPS boxes.


Loot Crate boxes

You can either buy the boxes or individual items.  Can mix and match items as well.  I’d like to ship them in the boxes as they are nice and handy to package in, but will also sell boxes empty (maybe with some lil goodies).

  • $25 for light box, $35 for heavy box
  • $20 for Carnage Mug separate


  • Carnage Mug
  • Terminator Skull
  • Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos Apron
  • Simpsons Wallet
  • Some fucking Hydra something, idk man, they’re fucking Nazis….
  • Avengers Decal
  • Groot Socks
  • Harry Potter Luggage Tag
  • Ghostbusters Door Hanger
  • LC Villains 2.0 Box (empty)
  • LC Terminator Box (empty)

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Couples 2000

  • $30 a pair
  • $50 for full set
  • Ask about individual prices (prefer to sell as set)

Mini McDonald’s Hello Kitties

  • $10 for set

Extra Info

  • Coca-Cola Bear from 1996
  • Scooby-Doos can be sold separate
  • Black cat’s spider friend must stay on hat (this is v important, it’s such a happy spider)


HMU on Twitter (@fleetsparrow), here in a comment, or e-mail at fleetsparrow@gmail.com

Donation page is up on YouCaring here, but I’m also opening up commissions for pretty much everything I’m good at  Also, always open for fanfic commissions and Perler Bead creations!  Please help where you can!


*not an exaggeration

About Fleet Sparrow

Writer, Reader, Critic, Bear.
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