Oh Dang, More Neat Stuff!

Quick post to let y’all know some cool things that are Not Mint right now (which means sale for you, aww yeah!)

Do you want this creepy smiling Fisher-Price phone??  Of course you do!

How about a portable mini xylophone?  You’ve been needing to annoy your roommates anyway, right?

Batman’s not yella!  Well, he kind of is, at least for now.

What about cars?  You like cars?  We got a ’69 Chevy Corvette and a ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 429.  How’s that fit ya, fancy pants?


Maybe you’re into Betty Boop (or, like me, your grandma is).  She’s a swingin’ gal!

And like, dang, it’s expensive, but maybe you’re Tolkien trash like I am and Beorn’s house would just make your set.  Idk, man, it would me.

Don’t forget my Yale Sale, commissions, and the other cool things Entertainment Earth’s got!  You never know, you might find something you need!  (hmu for links so we both win)

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